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Conquest & Consequence
Conquest & Consequence
Conquest & Consequence
Conquest & Consequence
Conquest & Consequence

Conquest & Consequence

119,00 €
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Conquest and Consequence brings the Triumph and Tragedy system to the Pacific/East Asia theater during the same 1936-1945 time period.

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The game begins in 1936 with the Militarists in control of Japan and expansion on the agenda. Its [war] industry is well developed, but it is weak in population and particularly resources. Its battle-hardened army has easily overrun resource-rich Manchuria, and a weak China awaits.

Japan (like Germany in T&T) has the early initiative due to its well-prepared military. Will it:

    Move south into China?
   Take the “Northern Road” into resource-rich east Siberia (as favored by the army)?
    Pursue the “Southern Road” to the oil-rich Dutch East Indies advocated by its navy?
    Or bide its time, seeking a better position via diplomatic arrangements with neutrals including independent Chinese warlord states?

Japanese aggression in China will likely irritate the sleeping giant that is the USA, but it is far away across the wide Pacific, and Japan has special naval abilities that allow it to compete at sea.


  • 22”x 34” Mounted mapboard
  • 228 wooden blocks
  • 2 label sheets (sticky labels)
  • 2 5/8” counter sheets
  • 55 Action cards
  • 55 Investment cards
  • 28-page Rulebook
  • 32-page Playbook
  • 3 Player Aid cards (2-sided cardstock)
  • 1 pad of Game Record sheets
  • 4 6-sided dice
Guerre, Histoire
Nombre de joueurs
2 - 3
Craig Besinque
Conquest & Consequence - Wargame - GMT Games
Conquest & Consequence
119,00 €